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Whether or not you and your family are of Asian heritage, names from these vibrant cultures are trendy choices for today?s babies. Western parents are increasingly choosing Japanese, Chinese or Korean influenced baby names for their little ones. If you wish to honor your heritage, give your child a strong sense of Asian culture and identity with one of these distinctly beautiful names. We offer pronunciations, origins, meanings and historical and cultural facts about each baby name in our database. Check out our list of the top Asian baby names for your baby boy or girl.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Fukiko Girl Japanese Joyous girl; chi...
Fukuko Girl Japanese Lucky child
Fukuyo Girl Japanese Lucky generation
Fumi Girl Japanese History
Fumie Girl Japanese Historical paint...
Fumihiko Boy Japanese Well-read man
Fumihiro Boy Japanese Wide sentence
Fumiko Girl Japanese Literary or scho...
Fumitaka Boy Japanese History and fili...
Fumito Boy Japanese Man of history
Fumiya Boy Japanese Field of history
Fumiye Girl Japanese Historical paint...
Fumiyo Girl Japanese Well-read genera...
Fusa Girl Japanese Helpful woman
Fusako Girl Japanese Whole child
Fusao Boy Japanese Wise man
Fusayo Girl Japanese Whole generation
Fuu Girl Japanese Wind
Fuuka Girl Japanese Maple smell
Fuyuki Boy Japanese Snowy winter
Fuyuko Girl Japanese Child of the win...
Fuyumi Girl Japanese Winter fruit
Gakuto Boy Japanese Educated person
Ganadhara Boy Indian Leader
Ganaraja Boy Indian Lord of the clan
Gandhik Boy Indian Fragrance
Ganesh Boy Indian Lord of the mult...
Gangadutt Boy Indian Gift of Ganga
Gangika Girl Indian Ganges river
Gangol Boy Indian Precious gem