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The Kingdom of Armenia is rich in its ancient cultural heritage and the names of the nation reflect that. Armenian names are influenced by the Russian language, which is often spoken there, along with native Armenian. Each of the names on our Armenian baby names list has pronunciation info, origin and meaning data, and popularity ranking. When available, we?ve included facts and references that will help you to make a name selection for your baby. Whether you are choosing baby names to honor your Armenian ancestry, or just curious to learn more, we have the names that you need.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Luci Girl Latin Light
Lucine Girl Latin Light
Luiza Girl Germanic Fame and war
Madlen Girl Hebrew From Magdala
Maktaghine Girl Hebrew Of Magdala
Manush Girl Armenian Violet; the viol...
Manushak Girl Armenian Violet; the viol...
Maria Girl Hebrew Bitter
Mariam Girl Aramaic Uncertain, maybe...
Marine Girl Latin From the god Mar...
Markare Girl Greek Pearl
Markarid Girl Greek Pearl
Maro Girl Hebrew Bitter
Marta Girl Aramaic Lady
Matild Girl German Powerful battler
Melani Girl Greek Black
Meline Girl Greek Honey; quince-ye...
Nargiz Girl Greek Sleep; torpor
Nora Girl English N/A
Olga Girl German Holy
Paulina Girl Latin Small; humble
Rehan Both Arabic Scented
Roza Girl Latin Rose
Sacha Boy Greek Protector of man
Saten Girl Armenian Amber
Satenik Girl Armenian Amber
Satin Girl Armenian Amber
Serik Girl Armenian Love
Shoushan Girl Hebrew Lily; rose
Shoushine Girl Hebrew Lily; rose