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The Kingdom of Armenia is rich in its ancient cultural heritage and the names of the nation reflect that. Armenian names are influenced by the Russian language, which is often spoken there, along with native Armenian. Each of the names on our Armenian baby names list has pronunciation info, origin and meaning data, and popularity ranking. When available, we?ve included facts and references that will help you to make a name selection for your baby. Whether you are choosing baby names to honor your Armenian ancestry, or just curious to learn more, we have the names that you need.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ardzvi Girl Armenian Eagle
Ardzvig Girl Armenian Eagle
Arek Girl Greek Of Arcadia
Areknaz Girl Armenian Sun + caprice
Areknazan Girl Armenian Sun + caprice
Arev Girl Armenian Sun
Arevhad Girl Armenian Sun + grain
Arevig Girl Armenian Like the sun
Arman Boy Germanic Man in the army.
Armani Both Germanic Freeman
Armanoush Girl Armenian Daughter of Armen
Armaveni Girl Armenian Tree
Armen Boy Armenian N/A
Armenak Boy Armenian N/A
Armenig Girl Armenian N/A
Armenouhi Girl Armenian N/A
Armig Both Armenian N/A
Armine Girl Armenian N/A
Arous Girl Latin Carrier of the l...
Arousiag Girl Latin Carrier of the l...
Arpeni Girl Armenian Sun
Arpi Girl Armenian Sun
Arpig Girl Armenian Sun
Arpine Girl Armenian Sun
Arsen Boy Greek Manly
Arsenig Girl Greek Manly
Arshag Boy Persian Bear's cup
Arshaganoush Girl Armenian Sweet bear's cup
Arshagouhi Girl Persian Bear's cup
Arshalouys Both Armenian Dawn