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We have the most fabulous baby names from Argentina in our Argentine baby names list! Which baby names are the most popular in the largest Spanish speaking in the world? (Hint: the top spots belong to Juan and Maria!) And which names are considered uniquely Argentine (such as names from the indigenous Mapuche people)? We have the answers to these questions and more! Our Argentine baby names list contains popularity, pronunciations, origins and meanings data, along with historical and cultural facts for each baby name. Check out our Argentine baby names and you?ll fall in love with the perfect name, quicker than you can say ?Rio?!

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Marcena Girl Latin From the god Mars
Marco Boy Latin From the god Mars
Maria Girl Hebrew Bitter
Maritza Girl Hebrew Bitter
Martina Girl Latin From the god Mars
Miguel Boy Hebrew Who is like God?
Nahuel Boy Mapudungun Jaguar
Natalia Girl Italian Christ's birthday
Nehuen Boy Mapudungun Strong
Neyen Boy Mapudungun Breath
Nicolas Boy Greek Victory of the p...
Nulpi Both Mapudungun White flower
Ofelia Girl Greek Help; aid
Pablo Boy Latin Small; humble
Patrício Boy Latin Patrician
Paula Girl Latin Small; humble
Pedro Boy Greek Stone
Pehuen Boy Mapudungun Araucaria
Pichi Boy Mapudungun Small; boy
Pilar Girl Spanish Pillar
Pire Girl Mapudungun Snow
Pracika Girl Sanskrit A female falcon
Radhika Both Sanskrit Successful, pros...
Rafael Boy Hebrew God has healed
Raiquen Boy Mapudungun Night bird
Raul Boy Germanic Wolf council
Rayen Girl Mapudungun Flower
Ricardo Boy French Strong power; ha...
Roberto Boy Germanic Bright fame
Rodolfo Boy Germanic Famous wolf; wol...