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We have the most fabulous baby names from Argentina in our Argentine baby names list! Which baby names are the most popular in the largest Spanish speaking in the world? (Hint: the top spots belong to Juan and Maria!) And which names are considered uniquely Argentine (such as names from the indigenous Mapuche people)? We have the answers to these questions and more! Our Argentine baby names list contains popularity, pronunciations, origins and meanings data, along with historical and cultural facts for each baby name. Check out our Argentine baby names and you?ll fall in love with the perfect name, quicker than you can say ?Rio?!

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Hugo Boy Germanic Mind, heart or s...
Ignacio Boy Latin Fiery
Irene Girl Greek Peace
Isabel Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Javier Boy Basque New house
Joaquin Boy Hebrew God will establish
Jorge Boy Greek Earth worker
Josť Boy Hebrew He will enlarge
Juan Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Julian Boy Latin Down-bearded youth
Julieta Girl Latin Down-bearded youth
Julio Boy Latin Down-bearded youth
Laura Girl Latin Laurel
Leonardo Boy Germanic Strong as the lion
Leticia Girl Latin Joy
Lican Girl Mapudungun Flint stone
Lichuen Both Mapudungun Light
Lilen Girl Mapudungun Shrub
Lola Both Spanish Sorrows
Lucho Boy Germanic Fame and war
Lucia Girl Latin Light
Luciana Girl Latin Light
Luis Boy Germanic Fame and war
Mafalda Girl German Powerful battler
Maiten Boy Mapudungun Tree
Malen Girl Mapudungun Maiden
Malvina Girl Gaelic Smooth brow
Manque Boy Mapudungun Condor
Manuel Boy Hebrew God is with us
Marcelo Boy Latin Little Marcus