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Arabic describes the modern language variation of classical Arabic and is used throughout the Middle East, North and Southern Africa and Morocco. It is among the top 10 languages spoken in the United States, so naturally, Arabic baby names are popular and sought after. Are you looking for the perfect Arabic name for your baby? Our Arabic Names list baby contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data, along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references for each baby name. Browse our large selection and find the Arabic baby names you?re looking for.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Murtaza Boy Arabic Approved; satisf...
Mus'ad Boy Arabic Lucky
Musa Boy Hebrew Drawn out of the...
Musad Boy Arabic Fortunate
Musaddaq Boy Arabic Trustworthy
Musaddiq Boy Arabic Trustworthy
Musharraf Boy Arabic Honoured
Mushfiq Boy Arabic Kind
Mushtaq Boy Arabic Longing; desirous
Mushtaqa Girl Arabic Desirous, covetous
Musleh Boy Arabic Reformer
Mustafa Boy Arabic Selected, lordly
Mutahar Boy Arabic Cleansed; purified
Mutahhar Boy Arabic Cleansed; purified
Mutasim Boy Arabic Refraining from ...
Mutee Boy Arabic Pious; submissive
Muti Boy Arabic Pious; submissive
Muzaffar Boy Arabic Victorious
Na'if Boy Arabic Lofty, sublime
Na'ifa Girl Arabic Lofty, sublime
Na'il Boy Arabic One who attains
Na'ila Girl Arabic One who attains
Na'im Boy Arabic Happiness, comfort
Na'ima Girl Arabic Happiness, comfort
Naaji Boy Arabic Intimate compani...
Nabeeh Boy Arabic Witty, intelligent
Nabeel Boy Arabic Noble, honourable
Nabeela Girl Arabic Noble, honorable
Nabeelah Girl Arabic Noble, honorable
Nabih Boy Arabic Witty, intelligent