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Let?s hear it for the red, white and blue?baby names! What names are appropriate for your young American? Well, we have baby names that are popular in America, names that are uniquely American (Can we get a Nevaeh?), as well as baby names that personify America such as Freedom, Liberty, and more! Our American baby names list contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data, along with historical tidbits and pop culture references for each baby name. Check out our American baby names and pick the perfect star-spangled baby name for your little patriot.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Pete Boy Greek Stone
Peter Boy Greek Stone
Petey Boy Greek Stone
Peyton Boy English Settlement of Pga
Philadelphia Girl Greek Brotherly love
Philomena Girl Greek To love strength
Phoebe Girl Greek Bright; moon
Phoenix Both Greek Phoenix; deep red
Phylis Girl Greek Foliage
Phyllis Girl Greek Foliage
Pier Boy Greek Stone
Pierce Boy Greek Stone
Piers Boy Greek Stone
Pinkney Boy English Pincino's place
Piper Both English A pipe player
Pippa Girl Greek Lover of horses
Pippi Girl Greek Lover of horses
Pleasance Girl English Pleasure
Pleasant Girl English Pleasing
Poet Both English Poet
Poetry Both English Poetry
Pollie Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Polly Girl Hebrew N/A
Poppy Girl English Poppy flower
Porsche Girl Latin Pig
Porsha Girl Latin Pig
Portia Girl Latin Pig
Precious Girl English Loved; highly va...
Prescot Boy English Priest cottage/d...
Prescott Boy English Priest cottage/d...