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Let?s hear it for the red, white and blue?baby names! What names are appropriate for your young American? Well, we have baby names that are popular in America, names that are uniquely American (Can we get a Nevaeh?), as well as baby names that personify America such as Freedom, Liberty, and more! Our American baby names list contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data, along with historical tidbits and pop culture references for each baby name. Check out our American baby names and pick the perfect star-spangled baby name for your little patriot.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Hanna Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Hannah Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Hans Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Harlene Girl English Hare clearing; h...
Harper Both English A player on the ...
Harriet Girl Germanic Home ruler
Harrison Boy English Son of Harris
Harvard Boy English Army guard
Haven Both English Haven; safe place
Haylee Girl English Hay clearing or ...
Hayleigh Girl English Hay clearing or ...
Hayley Both English Hay clearing or ...
Haylie Girl English Hay clearing or ...
Hazel Girl English Hazel Tree - Lig...
Heather Both English Heather
Heaven Girl English Heaven
Henrietta Girl Germanic Home ruler
Herlinda Girl Germanic Lord, army; shield
Herrick Boy Germanic Home ruler
Hershell Boy N/A N/A
Hettie Girl Germanic Home ruler
Hetty Girl Germanic Home ruler
Hilbert Boy Germanic Magnificant in b...
Hilda Girl Germanic Battle; war
Hillary Both Latin Cheerful
Hilliard Boy Germanic Magnificant in b...
Holden Boy English Deep Valley
Hollie Girl English Holly
Hotah Boy Native Ame... Gray
Houston Boy English Hugh's town