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Albanian names are used in the country of Albania, as well as in Kosovo, the Balkans, Macedonia, Bosnia, Sicily, the Ukraine and Italy. (Phew!) The Albanian language is in the Indo-European family of languages, which is where Albanian names come from. Many of these baby names are strongly influenced by both Greek and Latin, as well. Albanian is spoken by more than 7 million people, worldwide. That's a lot of baby names! Popularity information, pronunciations, origin, meaning and historical data about these baby names is included in each name to help you to choose the perfect name for your baby. Study our collection of Albanian Baby Names and you might just find the beautiful and meaningful name you're looking for.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Endrit Boy Albanian Light
Engjėll Boy Albanian Angel
Era Girl Albanian Wind or air
Fatmir Boy Albanian Fortunate, good ...
Fatmire Girl Albanian Fortunate, good ...
Fisnik Boy Albanian Noble
Flamur Boy Albanian Flag, banner
Flutura Girl Albanian Butterfly
Gjergj Boy Greek Earth worker
Gjon Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Jehona Girl Albanian Echo
Jetmir Boy Albanian A good life
Jeton Boy Albanian Life
Kostandin Boy Latin Steadfast
Kreshnik Boy Albanian Knight
Kushtrim Boy African Cry of war
Leotrim Boy Albanian Brave; full of b...
Leutrim Boy Albanian Brave; full of b...
Lindita Girl Albanian The new day; the...
Liridon Boy Albanian Longing for free...
Liridona Girl Albanian Longing for free...
Lule Girl Albanian A bloom; flower
Lulėzim Boy Albanian Living bloom; fl...
Luljeta Girl Albanian Living bloom; fl...
Mirjeta Girl Albanian A good life
Pėllumb Boy Albanian The dove
Perparim Boy Albanian The progress; pr...
Tirana Girl Albanian N/A
Valon Boy Albanian Seething
Veli Boy Finnish Brother