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The African continent is home to hundreds of indigenous tribes, each generally having its own language (or dialect) and culture. There are over 2100 languages spoken natively in Africa, making African baby names some of the most diverse in the world. From Akan to Bantu to Swahili, our African baby names list has many different varieties and representations of names, and includes info on the popularity, pronunciations, origin and meanings of the names, along with relevant historical and pop culture references. If you?re looking to honor your heritage, or just searching for a beautiful, meaningful name, take a look at our collection of African baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Arafa Girl Swahili Intelligent; wel...
Areta Girl Maori Of noble kind
Arifa Girl Arabic Intelligent; wel...
Arria Girl African Thin
Arusi Girl Sanskrit Calm; bright, th...
Asabi Girl African Of special birth
Asad Boy African Lion
Asale Girl African Talk
Asali Girl Swahili Honey
Asani Boy Swahili Rebellious
Asante Boy Swahili Thank you
Asatira Girl Swahili Myth, saga, legend
Asha Girl Sanskrit Hope
Ashur Boy African N/A
Ashura Both Arabic Tenth
Asili Both Swahili Beginning, sourc...
Asilia Girl Swahili Honest, genuine
Asim Boy Arabic Protector, guard...
Asiya Girl Arabic Nurse
Asma Girl Arabic Prestige; appell...
Asmahani Girl Swahili Exalted
Assefa Both African This birth has i...
Asubuhi Both Swahili Morning
Asukile Boy African The Lord has was...
Asumini Girl Swahili Jasmine
Aswad Boy African Black
Asya Girl Swahili Born during mour...
Ata Both African Twin
Atile Both African Increasing famil...
Atiya Girl Arabic Present; gift