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The African continent is home to hundreds of indigenous tribes, each generally having its own language (or dialect) and culture. There are over 2100 languages spoken natively in Africa, making African baby names some of the most diverse in the world. From Akan to Bantu to Swahili, our African baby names list has many different varieties and representations of names, and includes info on the popularity, pronunciations, origin and meanings of the names, along with relevant historical and pop culture references. If you?re looking to honor your heritage, or just searching for a beautiful, meaningful name, take a look at our collection of African baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Sadiki Girl Swahili Honest, sincere
Safi Boy Arabic Pure
Safiya Girl Arabic Sincere friend
Saida Girl Swahili Happy
Sakina Girl Swahili Peaceful, tranquil
Sala Girl Hebrew Peace
Salama Girl Swahili Peace
Salehe Boy African Excellent
Salima Girl Arabic Whole; to be safe
Salma Girl Arabic Whole; to be safe
Salme Girl Norse Maiden's hall
Samiha Girl Arabic Generous, tolerant
Samira Girl Arabic Pleasant community
Sanaa Girl Arabic Brilliance
Sanura Girl Swahili Young cat
Saran Girl African Joy
Sauda Girl Swahili Dark and beautiful
Sebahive Boy African Bearer of good f...
Sefu Boy African Sword
Sekayi Boy African Laughter
Sekelaga Girl African Praise; rejoicing
Sekou Boy African Wise; Educated
Senghor Boy African Descendant of th...
Sentwali Boy African Bears courage; b...
Serwa Girl African Woman of noble c...
Sesi Girl African Sister
Shade Girl African Sweetly singing
Shahida Girl Arabic Witness
Shamim Both Arabic Fragrance
Shani Both Hebrew Crimson