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The African continent is home to hundreds of indigenous tribes, each generally having its own language (or dialect) and culture. There are over 2100 languages spoken natively in Africa, making African baby names some of the most diverse in the world. From Akan to Bantu to Swahili, our African baby names list has many different varieties and representations of names, and includes info on the popularity, pronunciations, origin and meanings of the names, along with relevant historical and pop culture references. If you?re looking to honor your heritage, or just searching for a beautiful, meaningful name, take a look at our collection of African baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Jumaane Boy African On tuesday born
Jumapili Girl African Given life on a ...
Jumbe Boy African Bold and strong
Jumoke Both African Loved by everybody
Juwayria Girl Swahili Damask rose
Juwayriyyah Girl Swahili Damask rose
Juwyriya Girl Swahili Damask rose
Kabisa Girl Swahili Completely, exac...
Kadija Girl Arabic Born prematurely
Kadokechi Boy African Bitter soup
Kafele Boy African Worth giving one...
Kafil Boy Arabic Protector, respo...
Kagiso Girl African Peace
Kaidi Girl Swahili Obstinate
Kainda Girl African Daughter of the ...
Kajakafwile Boy African The town is dead
Kakra Girl African Youngest of twins
Kaleb Boy Hebrew Dog; Heart
Kali Girl Sanskrit Time; black
Kamangeni Boy African Connected
Kamaria Girl Swahili Bright as the mo...
Kamau Boy African Silent warrior
Kamili Both Swahili Perfect
Kanai Girl Swahili Content
Kanika Girl African Dark cloth
Kanja Boy Sanskrit Water-born
Kanoni Girl Swahili Type of small bird
Kanye Boy African N/A
Karama Girl Swahili Honour
Karima Girl Arabic Giving; generous