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The African continent is home to hundreds of indigenous tribes, each generally having its own language (or dialect) and culture. There are over 2100 languages spoken natively in Africa, making African baby names some of the most diverse in the world. From Akan to Bantu to Swahili, our African baby names list has many different varieties and representations of names, and includes info on the popularity, pronunciations, origin and meanings of the names, along with relevant historical and pop culture references. If you?re looking to honor your heritage, or just searching for a beautiful, meaningful name, take a look at our collection of African baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Feruzi Both Swahili Turquoise
Fidela Girl Latin Faithful
Fifi Both Hebrew He will enlarge
Fikiliza Both Swahili Fulfill, bring a...
Fikira Both Swahili Idea, thought
Fila Girl Greek To love strength
Firdawsi Girl Swahili Garden of paradise
Firyali Girl Swahili Unusual, extraor...
Folade Girl African Honor comes with...
Folami Girl African Grant honor to me
Folashade Girl African Honored with a c...
Folayan Girl African Dignity
Foluke Girl African Under God's prot...
Fujo Girl African She completes th...
Fumo Boy Swahili Spear
Fupi Both Swahili Brief, short
Furaha Girl Swahili Joy
Gabra Girl African Gift of offering
Gacoki Boy African He returns
Gahiji Boy African Hunter; seeker
Gakere Boy African Small muscle; mu...
Gakuru Boy African Elderly
Gamba Boy African Water tortoise; ...
Garai Boy African Calm
Gasira Girl Swahili Brave
Gatete Boy African Milk gourd
Gathee Boy African Elderly
Gathii Boy African Traveller; wande...
Gatimu Boy African Spear
Gerda Girl Germanic Twig; strong wit...