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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Bryant Boy Gaelic Noble, strong, v...
Caesar Boy Latin N/A
Cali Girl English N/A
Cambria Girl Latin Wales
Camren Boy Gaelic Crooked nose
Camron Boy Gaelic Crooked nose
Caprice Girl French Whim; tantrum
Carley Girl German Free man
Carter Boy English Transporter of m...
Cena Girl Hebrew Follower of Neith
Chalese Girl Hebrew A Biblical place...
Chanda Both Hebrew God’s ...
Chandell Both French Candle
Chaneeka Girl American E... N/A
Chaneka Girl American E... N/A
Chanicka Girl American E... N/A
Chanika Girl American E... N/A
Chantay Boy French Sang
Chanté Boy French Sang
Chantelle Girl French Stony place
Chantrice Girl American E... "Singer," perhaps
Charlana Girl Germanic Free man
Charlane Girl Germanic Free man
Charlesia Girl Germanic Free man
Charleston Boy English Charles' son
Charmonique Girl American E... N/A
Charnesa Girl American E... N/A
Cheikh Boy African Wise; learned
Chenzira Boy African Born on the road...
Chinouyazue Boy African Will be back again