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African American Names

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Linda Girl English N/A
Luann Girl English Combination of L...
Lucious Both Latin Light
Lugenia Girl American E... N/A
Lutalo Boy African Fighter; warrior
Luzige Boy African Locust
Lydgia Girl Greek Woman from Lydia
Mackenzi Both Gaelic Son of Coinneach...
Madongo Boy African Uncircumsised
Madysen Girl English Son of Maud; Mat...
Maelie Girl American E... N/A
Magomu Boy African Younger of twins
Maideyi Boy African What did you want?
Maile Girl Hawaiian Vine
Maisha Girl Swahili Life
Makeda Girl Hebrew Bowl; cup; vessel
Makhi Boy American E... N/A
Malaak Girl Arabic King; owner
Maliyah Girl American E... N/A
Mandisa Girl African Sweet
Mangeni Girl African Fish
Marcenia Girl Latin From the god Mars
Marcenya Girl Latin From the god Mars
Mardel Boy English Boundary hill
Maressa Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Markeisha Girl American E... N/A
Markell Boy American E... N/A
Markesha Girl American E... N/A
Markesia Girl American E... N/A
Markice Boy French Lord of the marc...