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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Adalina Girl Germanic Noble
Adalyn Girl American E... N/A
Adalynn Girl American E... N/A
Adama Both Hebrew Man; earth
Adanna Girl African Being the father...
Adanne Girl African Resembling the m...
Adanya Girl African Being the father...
Adaya Both Hebrew Precious charm o...
Addalyn Girl American E... N/A
Adeala Girl Arabic Justice
Adeela Girl Arabic Justice
Adeena Girl Hebrew Slender
Adelaine Girl German Noble one
Adelena Girl German Noble one
Adelene Girl German Noble one
Adero Girl African She who creates ...
Adeyemi Girl African The crown fits me
Adia Girl African Being a gift
Adilene Girl German Noble one
Adilyn Girl American E... N/A
Adina Girl Hebrew Slender
Adisa Boy African Clear spoken per...
Adlar Boy German Eagle
Adler Boy German Eagle
Adline Girl Germanic Noble
Adom Boy Hebrew Man; earth
Adrielle Girl American E... N/A
Aeesha Girl Arabic Alive, She who l...
Aesha Girl Arabic Alive, She who l...
Afiya Girl Swahili Wellness; health