Baby Names That Start With Letter W

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Wade Boy English Ford; to go
Walker Boy English A fuller
Wallace Boy French Foreigner
Wally Boy Germanic Ruler of the army
Walter Boy Germanic Ruler of the army
Wanda Girl Slavonic N/A
Warren Boy Germanic Guard; the game ...
Waverley Both English Quaking aspen
Waverly Both English Quaking aspen
Waylon Boy English Land by the road
Wayne Boy English A cartwright
Wednesday Girl English Woden's Day
Wenda Girl Literary Friend
Wendel Boy Germanic A Wend
Wendell Boy Germanic A Wend
Wendi Girl Literary Friend
Wendie Girl Literary Friend
Wendy Girl Literary Friend
Wesley Boy English Western meadow
Westley Boy English Western meadow
Weston Boy English West enclosure; ...
Whitley Both English White wood; whit...
Whitnee Girl English White island
Whitney Both English White island
Wilbert Boy Germanic Will, desire + b...
Wilbur Boy English Will; desire and...
Wilda Girl Germanic To strive
Wilfred Boy English A wish for peace
Wilfredo Boy English A wish for peace
Wilhelmina Girl Germanic Will, desire + h...