Baby Names That Start With Letter T

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Tabatha Girl Aramaic Gazelle
Tabetha Girl Aramaic Gazelle
Tabitha Girl Aramaic Gazelle
Tad Boy Gaelic Poet
Tahj Boy Sanskrit Crown
Tahlia Girl Hebrew Dew of God; fema...
Taina Girl Latin N/A
Taine Boy Pacific Is... Man; god of the ...
Tait Boy Norse Cheerful
Taj Boy Sanskrit Crown
Taja Girl Sanskrit Crown
Talan Boy English A claw
Talia Both Hebrew Dew of God; fema...
Taliyah Girl Hebrew Dew of God; fema...
Talon Boy English A claw
Tamara Girl Hebrew Palm tree
Tameka Girl American E... N/A
Tamera Girl Hebrew Palm tree
Tami Girl Aramaic Twin
Tamia Girl American E... N/A
Tamika Girl American E... N/A
Tammi Girl Aramaic Twin
Tammie Girl Hebrew Palm tree
Tammy Girl Aramaic Twin
Tamra Girl Hebrew Palm tree
Tana Girl Latin N/A
Tanesha Girl African Born on Monday
Tania Girl Latin N/A
Tanika Girl Indian Rope
Tanis Girl Phoenician Serpent lady