Baby Names That Start With Letter S

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Sandi Girl Greek Defends others
Sandra Girl Greek Defending men
Sandy Both Greek Defending men
Saniya Girl Arabic Radiant, brilliant
Saniyah Girl Arabic Radiant, brilliant
Santana Boy Spanish Saintlike; Saint...
Santiago Boy Spanish Saint James
Santino Boy Italian Sacred
Santos Boy Spanish Saints
Sara Girl Hebrew Princess
Sarah Girl Hebrew Princess
Sarahi Girl Hebrew Princess
Sarai Girl Hebrew N/A
Sariah Girl Hebrew Princess
Sarina Girl Hebrew Princess
Sasha Both Greek Defending men
Saul Boy Hebrew Responded; praye...
Savana Girl Spanish Plateau
Savanah Girl Spanish Plateau
Savanna Girl Spanish Plateau
Savannah Girl Spanish Plateau
Savion Boy Basque New house
Savon Boy French Soapmaker
Sawyer Boy English One who saws wood
Scarlet Girl English Scarlet
Scarlett Girl English Scarlet
Schuyler Boy Dutch Guarded; scholar
Scotia Girl Greek Dark one
Scott Boy English Painted warrior
Scottie Boy English Painted warrior