Baby Names That Start With Letter R

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Raul Boy Germanic Wolf council
Raven Both English Raven
Ray Boy Germanic Advice; decision...
Raya Girl Hebrew Friend
Rayan Boy Persian Fragrant herb, s...
Raymond Boy Germanic Advice; decision...
Raymundo Boy Spanish King of the world
Rayna Girl Latin Queen
Rayne Girl French Queen
Rayshawn Boy American E... N/A
Reagan Both Gaelic Descendent of Ri...
Reanna Girl Welsh Nymph
Rebeca Girl Hebrew To tie
Rebecca Girl Hebrew To tie
Rebekah Girl Hebrew To tie
Reece Boy Welsh Enthusiasm
Reed Boy English Red; reeds; clea...
Reegan Both Gaelic N/A
Reese Both Welsh Enthusiasm
Regan Both Gaelic N/A
Reggie Boy Germanic Ruler with counsel
Regina Girl Latin Queen
Reginald Boy Germanic Ruler with counsel
Reid Boy English Red
Reilly Both Gaelic Courageous, vali...
Reina Girl Yiddish Pure; clean
Reinaldo Boy Germanic Ruler with counsel
Remington Boy English Settlement on th...
Rena Girl Latin Reborn
Renae Girl Latin Reborn