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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Elvis Boy English Meaning unknown
Elyse Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Elysia Girl Greek Struck by lightn...
Elyssa Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Ember Girl English Burned coal
Emely Girl Latin Rival; emulating
Emerald Girl Greek Green gemstone
Emerson Boy English Son of Emery
Emery Boy German Bravery and powe...
Emil Boy Latin Rival; emulating
Emilee Girl Latin Rival; emulating
Emilia Girl Latin Rival; emulating
Emiliano Boy Latin Rival; emulating
Emilie Girl Latin Rival
Emilio Boy Latin Rival; emulating
Emily Girl Latin Rival; emulating
Emma Girl German All-containing; ...
Emma-Lee Girl English A combination of...
Emmanuel Boy Hebrew God is with us
Emmett Boy German All-containing; ...
Emmy Girl Latin Rival
Enoch Boy Hebrew Devoted; dedicated
Enrique Boy Germanic Home ruler
Enzo Boy Italian Uncertain, perha...
Eoin Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Eric Boy Norse Eternal ruler
Erica Girl Norse Eternal ruler
Erich Boy Norse Eternal ruler
Erick Boy Norse Eternal ruler
Ericka Girl Norse Eternal ruler