Baby Names That Start With Letter D

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Danika Girl Slavonic Morning star
Danilo Boy Hebrew God is my judge
Danna Girl Hebrew Arbiter
Dannielle Girl Hebrew God is my judge
Danny Boy Hebrew God is my judge
Dante Boy Latin Enduring, obstin...
Daphne Girl Greek Laurel
Daquan Boy American E... N/A
Dara Both Hebrew Mother-of-pearl
Darby Both Norse Deer settlement
Darcie Girl English From Arcy
Darcy Both English From Arcy
Darell Boy French From Airel
Daren Boy Welsh Burnt land; hill
Daria Girl Persian Maintain well; p...
Darian Boy English N/A
Dariana Girl English N/A
Darien Boy American E... N/A
Darin Boy Welsh Burnt land; hill
Dario Boy Persian Maintain well
Darion Boy English N/A
Darius Boy Persian Maintain well; p...
Darla Girl American E... N/A
Darlene Girl American E... N/A
Darnell Boy English Hidden alcove, h...
Daron Girl Welsh N/A
Darragh Boy Gaelic Fertile
Darrel Boy French From Airelle
Darrell Boy French From Airel
Darrien Boy American E... N/A