Baby Names That Start With Letter C

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Colleen Girl Gaelic Young female
Collin Boy Gaelic Dove
Colt Boy English Young male horse
Colten Boy English Cola's town
Colter Boy English Colt-herd
Colton Boy English Coal town; Cola'...
Conner Boy Gaelic Lover of hounds;...
Connie Girl Latin Steadfast
Connor Boy Gaelic Lover of hounds;...
Conor Boy Gaelic Lover of hounds;...
Conrad Boy Germanic Experienced advi...
Constance Girl Latin Steadfast
Constantine Boy Latin Steadfast
Consuelo Girl Spanish Solace
Cooper Boy English Barrel maker
Cora Girl Greek Maiden
Coraima Girl Spanish N/A
Coral Girl English Coral; deep pink
Corbin Boy Gaelic A steep hill
Cordaro Boy Spanish Lamb
Cordell Boy English Maker of cord
Cordero Boy Spanish Lamb
Corey Both Germanic God's peace
Cori Girl Greek Maiden
Corina Girl Greek Maiden
Corinne Girl Greek Maiden
Cornelius Boy Latin Horn; horned
Cornell Boy Latin Horn; horned
Corrie Girl Greek Maiden
Corrina Girl Greek Maiden