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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Andre Boy Greek Man, warrior
Andrea Both Greek Man, warrior; ma...
Andreas Boy Greek Man, warrior
Andrés Boy Greek Man, warrior
Andrew Boy Greek Man, warrior
Andria Girl Greek Man, warrior; ma...
Andy Both Greek Man, warrior
Angel Both Greek Messenger
Angela Girl Greek Messenger
Angelia Girl American E... Angelic
Angelica Girl Latin Of the angels
Angelina Girl Greek Messenger
Angéline Girl Greek Messenger
Angélique Girl Latin Of the angels
Angelo Boy Greek Messanger
Angie Girl Greek Messenger
Angus Boy Gaelic One choice
Anika Both Hebrew Grace; favour
Anisa Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Anisha Girl Indian Constant; unceas...
Anissa Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Anita Both Hebrew Grace; favour
Aniya Girl Hebrew Ship
Aniyah Girl Hebrew Ship
Anja Girl Russian Favor, grace
Anjali Girl Sanskrit Gift; offering
Anjelica Girl Latin Of the angels
Ann Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Anna Both Hebrew Grace; favour
Annabel Girl Latin Easy to love