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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Amaris Girl Hebrew God has said
Amaya Girl Spanish High place
Amber Girl English Amber
Amberly Girl English Amber
Amelia Girl Germanic Work; effort; st...
America Girl Germanic Ever-powerful in...
Ami Both Hebrew My people
Amie Girl French Loved
Amina Girl African Peaceful, secure
Amir Boy Hebrew Treetop; sheaf
Amira Girl Arabic Princess; prospe...
Amirah Girl Arabic Princess; prospe...
Amisha Girl Indian Truthful
Amiya Both Indian Delight
Amiyah Girl Indian Delight
Amos Boy Hebrew Encumbered; burd...
Amrit Both Sanskrit Immortal; ambros...
Amy Girl French Loved
Amya Girl Basque High place
Ana Both Hebrew Grace; favour
Anabel Girl Latin Easy to love
Anabelle Girl Latin Easy to love
Anahi Girl Persian The immaculate; ...
Ana´s Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Anastasia Girl Greek Resurrection
Anaya Both Hebrew God answered
Anders Boy Greek Man, warrior
Anderson Boy Swedish Male
Andon Boy Latin N/A
Andrae Boy Greek Man, warrior