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Arabic Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Hassan Boy Arabic Beautiful
Hassin Boy Arabic Beautiful
Hatim Boy Arabic Commander
Hawa Girl Arabic Eve, the wife of...
Hayat Girl Arabic Existence
Haydara Girl Arabic Lioness
Hayder Boy Arabic Lion
Hayfa Girl Arabic Delicate; slender
Haytham Boy Arabic Young eagle; lion
Hayy Boy Arabic Living
Hazika Girl Arabic Enlightened pers...
Hazim Boy Arabic Severe regulator
Hazima Girl Arabic Cautious, wise
Hazrat Boy Arabic Honorary title
Hesham Boy Arabic Pounding; generous
Hiba Girl Arabic Adore
Hibatullah Boy Arabic Allah’s gift
Hidayat Boy Arabic Direction
Hikmat Boy Arabic Knowledge
Hilmiyya Girl Arabic Clement, forgiving
Himayat Boy Arabic Support and prot...
Hind Girl Arabic Over 100 camels
Hisein Boy Arabic Good looking
Hisham Boy Arabic Pounding; generous
Hiyam Girl Arabic Passion
Hoda Girl Arabic Thankfulness
Hooda Girl Arabic The right way, r...
Hoque Boy Arabic Real
Hosain Boy Arabic Good looking
Hosni Boy Arabic Handsome