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African Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Bupe Girl African Welcome; hospita...
Buseje Girl African Ask me a question
Cayman Boy African Alligator
Caymun Boy African Alligator
Chaonaine Girl African It has seen me
Cheikh Boy African Wise; learned
Chenzira Boy African Born on the road...
Chifundo Girl African Mercy
Chijioke Boy African Strength of chi
Chika Girl African A thousand summe...
Chike Boy African God's strength
Chilemba Boy African Turban
Chinelo Boy African God's strength
Chinese Boy African Strength of chi
Chinouyazue Boy African Will be back again
Chinua Boy African Strength of chi
Chinue Girl African A blessing from ...
Chioke Boy African Strength of chi
Chioma Girl African Gift from God
Chionesu Boy African Guiding light; l...
Chipo Girl African A present
Chisom Girl African God accompanies me
Chisulo Boy African Strength of steel
Chitundu Boy African Bird nest
Chiumbo Boy African Little
Chiwa Girl African Death
Chotsani Girl African To take from, to...
Chuma Boy African Wealth
Coujoe Boy African Monday Born
Dada Both African Curly-haired