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African Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Baba Girl African Thursday born
Babafemi Boy African Loved by his fat...
Babukar Boy African N/A
Baderinwa Girl African To be respected
Badu Boy African Tenth
Baina Girl African Glittering
Bakari Boy African Hopeful
Balondemu Boy African The chosen one
Banga Boy African Sword
Barika Girl African Excelling
Baruti Boy African Educator
Bayo Girl African Happiness has be...
Becca Girl African To tie
Bejide Girl African Born during the ...
Bekele Boy African He has become; h...
Bem Boy African Peace
Berhanu Boy African Light; light fro...
Berihun Boy African Let him guide us
Berta Girl African Famous; bright
Betserai Boy African Rescue
Bina Girl African Of the Sabine tr...
Binah Girl African One who dances
Binata Girl African N/A
Boahinmaa Girl African She has departed...
Bobo Boy African On tuesday born
Bolade Girl African Honor comes with...
Bolanile Girl African This house's wea...
Bomani Boy African Warrior
Boseda Boy African On sunday born
Bunmi Girl African Being my gift