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African Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ambokile Boy African God has redeemed...
Ambonisye Boy African God has rewarded...
Ameena Girl African Peaceful, secure
Ameenah Girl African Peaceful, secure
Amina Girl African Peaceful, secure
Aminah Girl African Peaceful, secure
Aminata Girl African N/A
Amonke Girl African You caress her i...
Ampah Boy African Trust
Anane Boy African The fourth son
Andalwisye Boy African God has shown me...
Andengwisye Boy African God has claimed me
Andongwisye Boy African God has led me
Andwele Boy African God brought me
Angolwisye Boy African God has guided me
Angosisye Boy African God sanctified me
Aniweta Boy African Spirit
Ankoma Boy African Last born
Annakiya Girl African Sweet of face
Antobam Girl African Child born after...
Anuli Girl African Daughter who bri...
Anum Boy African The fifth born
Anyabwile Boy African God has unchaine...
Anyelwiswe Boy African God has purified...
Apara Boy African One who comes an...
Areta Girl African Of noble kind
Arria Girl African Thin
Asabi Girl African Of special birth
Asad Boy African Lion
Asale Girl African Talk