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African Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Sabah Girl African Sunrise
Sade Girl African Sweetly singing
Salehe Boy African Excellent
Saran Girl African Joy
Sebahive Boy African Bearer of good f...
Sefu Boy African Sword
Sekani Boy African Merriment and joy
Sekayi Boy African Laughter
Sekelaga Girl African Praise; rejoicing
Sekou Boy African Wise; Educated
Senghor Boy African Descendant of th...
Sentwali Boy African Bears courage; b...
Serwa Girl African Woman of noble c...
Sesi Girl African Sister
Shade Girl African Sweetly singing
Shiminege Girl African We will forsee o...
Siboniso Girl African A symbol
Sigele Girl African Left
Sim Girl African Dryness
Siphiwe Girl African We were given
Sisi Both African Sunday born
Suma Girl African Ask
Sundai Boy African Push; to push
Sundiata Boy African Hungry lion
Sundyata Boy African Hungry lion
Sunjata Boy African Hungry lion
Syandene Girl African Arrives on time;...
Taban Boy African N/A
Taiwo Both African Eldest of twins
Tale Girl African Green