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African Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Olabunmi Girl African Honor is rewarded
Oladele Boy African Respected at home
Olafemi Boy African Successful
Olaniyan Boy African Respected
Olaniyi Girl African Glory in stored ...
Olateju Girl African Vast wealth
Olawutobi Boy African God is good
Olubayo Both African Highest delight
Olubunmi Girl African God has given he...
Olufemi Both African God loves me
Olufunke Girl African Given by God to ...
Olufunmilayo Girl African God gives me hap...
Olugbala Boy African From the people
Olujimi Boy African Given by god
Olumide Boy African God arrives
Olumiji Boy African Awakens
Oluremi Girl African God brings comfort
Olushola Boy African Being blessed by...
Oluwa Boy African Our lord; our god
Oluyemi Boy African Pleased
Omalara Girl African Wanted
Omarosa Girl African My beautiful child
Omolara Both African Born at the perf...
Omorede Boy African A royal prince
Omorenoniwa... Girl African Not intended to ...
Omorose Girl African My beautiful child
Omosede Girl African A child is more ...
Omosupe Girl African A child is the m...
Omusupe Girl African A child is the m...
Onani Boy African Look