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African Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Nomhle Girl African Beauty
Nomuula Girl African Rain
Nonyameko Girl African Patience
Nosakhere Boy African The way of god i...
Nourbese Girl African Wonderful child
Nwabudike Boy African The strength of ...
Nwakaego Girl African More valuable th...
Nya Girl African Purpose
Nyah Girl African Purpose
Nyankomago Girl African Second-born afte...
Nyimak Girl African Small fire
Nyirej Girl African Small fish
Obadias Boy African Servant of God
Obasi Boy African Honor of god
Obataiye Boy African King of the whol...
Obayana Boy African Warms himself at...
Obediah Boy African Servant of God
Obi Boy African Heart
Obike Boy African A strong household
Obioma Girl African Kind
Ode Both African Born along a road
Odion Boy African Eldest of twins
Ofure Girl African Peace
Ogbonna Boy African Looks like his f...
Ogwambi Boy African Always unfortunate
Ojore Boy African Warrior; man of ...
Okechuku Boy African Gift from god
Okello Boy African Give birth after...
Okpara Boy African First-born son
Olabisi Girl African Joy increases