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African Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Letsego Boy African Arm; armament
Letsha Both African Lake
Limber Girl African Happiness
Limpho Girl African Gifts
Lina Girl African Delicate, compas...
Linda Girl African N/A
Lisha Girl African Full of mystery
Lisimba Boy African Undecided, waver...
Liziuzayani Girl African Tell someone
Lugono Boy African Sleep
Lumusi Girl African Born with her he...
Lutalo Boy African Fighter; warrior
Luzige Boy African Locust
Lynda Girl African N/A
Madaha Girl African Elegant, charming
Madongo Boy African Uncircumsised
Madu Boy African People
Madzimoyo Boy African Water of life
Magomu Boy African Younger of twins
Maiba Girl African Grave
Maideyi Boy African What did you want?
Makena Girl African Happy one
Malawa Boy African Flourishing
Mama Girl African Saturday born
Mamello Boy African Patience
Mandala Boy African Spectacles
Mandisa Girl African Sweet
Mandondo Boy African Drops
Mangeni Girl African Fish
Manu Boy African Second born