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African Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Kapeni Boy African Knife
Kasiya Boy African Leaving
Kassa Girl African Payment; compens...
Kausiwa Girl African Impoverished one
Kaweria Girl African One who loves
Kayode Boy African Bringing happiness
Kefentse Boy African Conquerer
Kefilwe Girl African I'm given
Kehinde Both African Youngest of twins
Kelile Boy African My protector; my...
Kenyatta Both African N/A
Kereenyaga Boy African Unexplainable mo...
Khalfani Boy African Leader
Khamisi Boy African On thursday born
Kiah Girl African Start of the sea...
Kianga Girl African Sunshine, sunbeams
Kigongo Boy African Born before twins
Kioni Girl African She sees
Kissa Girl African Born after twins
Kitwana Boy African Pledged to live
Kiziah Girl African Light of heart
Kizuwanda Girl African Youngest child
Kizza Boy African Born after twins
Kodwo Boy African Monday Born
Kofi Boy African Born on a Friday
Kojo Boy African Monday Born
Kokayi Boy African He summons the p...
Kokumo Girl African Immortal
Kondo Boy African Battle
Kondwani Boy African Happy